"Angel's Fate"

by Skylar Cassidy

I was sent to Earth to save humanity, not fall in love with my enemy.
An Enemies to Lovers Fantasy Romance
# Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Angels
# Witches
# Romance

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A powerful demon is wreaking havoc on Earth. And I’m an angel, duty-bound to protect humans. But as soon as I landed, I had to save a man from a witch intent on ending his life. Witches are my sworn enemies. But this one… she’s sexy, bewitching, and infuriating all at the same time. An unforeseen complication. No witch should have the power to bring an Angel to his knees. But she does. She’s got powerful magic but I feel the need to protect her. She must be casting a spell on me because I can’t stay away from her. I want to fly her away and have my way with her… OR kill her. But fate has something else in mind for us. We have to overcome our differences and ignore our mounting passion to bring down this demon. If we don’t, it could mean the end of our love and humanity itself.